Nevladino i neprofitno
2012. godine
Okupljamo preko
25 članova

Mision and Vision

Biogas Association

Biogas Association is non-profit association, established 2012 year to achieve the objectives in the field
of development and encouraging the production and use of biogas as a renewable energy source.

Several investors biogas plants, designers and contractors have joined forces and formed the Association

Cilj Udruženja

Podsticanje proizvodnje i upotreba oblika energije koji su prijateljski nastrojeni prema životnoj sredini. 

Misija Udruženja

Da kroz organizovani način štiti interese zainteresovanih u ulaganja u biogasna postrojenja. 

Vizija Udruženja

Imamo nameru da ostvarimo svoje ciljeve kroz kontakte sa Ministarstvima, odgovarajućim javnim preduzećima nadležnim za ovu oblast, kao i sa odgovarajućim institucijama koje se bave ekologijom. 

Biogas Association gathers more than 28 members

Biogas Association gathers more than 28 members who are in possession of biogas of which are active more than 9.6 MV, as well as other institutions and companies that are directly or indirectly associated with this technology or are planning to build a biogas plant. Also among the members of the Association of Biogas are consultants, equipment manufacturers, scientists, politicians etc. Wide range of members of the Association contributes to the current position as a reliable voice of those who make the decisions. Biogas Association plays an active role in political decisions and issues related to renewable energy.

Goals of the Association are to promoting the production of and the use of forms of energy which are friendly to the environment, to promoting the production of and the use of biogas, stimulation and promotion of efficient use of energy, promotion of the biogas production and its use for the production of energy, lobbying the competent authorities in order to improve the legal frame for manufacture, marketing and use of biogas.

To achieve its objectives the Association in particular take the following actions such as:

  – The organization of presentations, seminars, educated continuous courses, panel discussions and conferences on the production and use of biogas, scientific and research activities in the sphere of production and use of biogas, education and public information in the sphere of production and use of biogas;

Protecting the environment, particularly in terms of the use of energy sources a friendly to nature;

– Development of relations with national and international partners from the Association;

– As cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the sphere of production and use of biogas, to organize local programs that help achieving the objectives of the Association;

– To facilitate and guarantee the necessary human and financial resources for effective functioning and achieving goals, maintaining relationships with other organizations with similar goals, publishing literature and educated oriented additional material, based on the objectives and activities of the Association;

-It cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations at home and abroad engaged in encouraging the production and use of biogas.

-The primary mission of the Association is to protect the interests of organized way interested in investing in biogas plants, to submit to the legislature and the executive branch adapting laws and Regulation actual conditions in our country.

-Also, the task of the association is transfer technology on the fastest and easiest way in Serbia through contacts with similar organizations in Europe.

Our vision is to achieve this through contacts with the Ministries of Energy, Agriculture and the corresponding public enterprises responsible for this area such as the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) and the relevant institutions dealing with ecology. The strategy to realize this, is based on direct mutual contacts between investors, contractors and these institutions and participation in fairs, seminars and public meetings.

Since the founding of the Association Biogas is actively working with the institutions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on amendments to existing legislation that regulates the operation of biogas plants. Association in cooperation with "Ecofys' and with the support of the IFC has done a detailed study which has significantly contributed to such alterations incentives and improve overall legal framework that regulates the field of renewable energy. Also, we expect that the consumption of thermal energy from biogas plants, to be stimulated. We hope to be able to well organize and present our clear and strong claims.