Nevladino i neprofitno
2012. godine
Okupljamo preko
25 članova

Benefits for members

Why should you join to the association?

– Provision of services to members of the Association of Biogas from the scope of the Association;

– Service information and solving current problems, that the owners have with state institutions, with the realization of new projects or the functioning of the existing power plants on biogas;

– Help and providing information to members of the Association who are planning to build new plants;

– Providing service information related to the possibility of using different sirovna in the production process;

– Availability innovation, news, seminars, conferences, studies and research papers on new technologies that are present in the market;

– The organization of training and workshops for professionals who manage power plants;

– Joint contracting of the necessary raw materials for biogas plants;

– The possibility of advertising on the Web site of the Association, at favorable prices.