New member of the Biogas Association Serbia: DONAUCHEM (date: April 06, 2024.)

New member of the Biogas Association Serbia: DONAUCHEM (date: April 06, 2024.)

It is our great pleasure to introduce to all our members and partners the new member of the Biogas Serbia Association, the company DONAUCHEM.

DONAUCHEM is a leading regional group of chemical distributors focused on Central Europe and belongs to the DonauChemie group based in Austria.

The group is present in Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.

Thanks to the knowledge and skills of local experts and experienced technical production managers, DONAUCHEM successfully introduces new products and attracts customers with products from its range.

This success is confirmed by the logistical efficiency of their multimodal facilities in each country, from wastewater treatment plants with river and rail access to efficient climate-controlled warehouses for packaged goods.

DONAUCHEM’s logistical services are further enhanced by blending and filling services.

As an important distributor of chemicals in Central and Eastern Europe, DONAUCHEM contributes to the success of its clients through diversity, quality, and speed of services.

DONAUCHEM Serbia focuses on the distribution of a large number of chemicals used in various industries – the food industry (the final product can gain flavor, color, acidity, and texture), the printing industry (consumables, from photosensitive monomers to dampening agents), water purification (competitive prices and economical special solutions for all your processes), cosmetics, and personal care (from raw materials to the final product, to the production concept, Donauchem is a reliable partner in your industry).

We ask all members to pay special attention to the presentation of DONAUCHEM’s production of activated carbon for Biogas applications, which can be downloaded from the link.

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