Biogas sector in Serbia

The Serbian biogas sector has made considerable progress in a short period of time, creating favourable business environment for investors.

Owing to the efforts of the SBA and the support of the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy that remains committed to fulfilling the goals concerning the Energy Community, major steps have been made towards the strengthening and stabilisation of the biogas sector.

In its activities to date, the SBA has proven to be a proactive partner in the process of developing new legal regulations on renewable energy sources, resulting in the adoption of new feed-in tariffs. In partnership with international institutions and organizations, the SBA plays an active role in the projects and processes which are of interest and support its members. The International Financial Corporation (IFC), backed by the SBA, made a new study analysing and recommending new incentives for the construction of biogas plants in Serbia.

While continuing its activities at an unabated pace, the SBA plans to make extra effort to ensure as favourable environment for the development of biogas sector in Serbia as possible.