About Us

Serbian Biogas Association

The Serbian Biogas Association (SBA) is a non-profit and non-governmental association, founded in March 2012 to rally the companies planning to build first biogas facilities in Serbia.

The main motive for the move was to achieve the goals aiming to develop and encourage production and utilisation of biogas as a renewable energy source.

Today, the Serbian Biogas Association is a representative association with over 30 members that own 14 biogas plants with the total installed capacity of over 14.4 MW, but it also rallies other institutions and companies that directly or indirectly have to do with this technology or intend to build biogas plants. In partnership with domestic and international institutions, the SBA is intensively engaged in the further training of its members in the utilisation of renewables and operation of biogas plants.

The Serbian Biogas Association is an active partner of German Biogas Association, Fachverband Biogas e.V. and a member of the European Biogas Association (EBA).


Encouraging the production and utilisation of environmentally friendly forms of energy.

The Serbian Biogas Association actively urges both efforts to boost the production and use of biogas for energy production and to ensure the most efficient energy consumption possible.

The SBA’s efforts to protect the interests of parties interested in investing in biogas plants are also important.

In this area, the SBA’s mission is to propose that the legislators and the government adapt the relevant laws and the Regulation to the actual conditions in Serbia, as well as to facilitate transfer of technology to the country through contacts with similar European associations and education of parties interested in investing in biogas industry.


The primary vision is to strengthen and stabilise the biogas sector in Serbia, by supporting and empowering its members.

Even though the strengthening of the Serbian biogas sector is an extremely lengthy process, requiring a lot of effort, dedication and well-planned activities, the SBA has made to date significant headway in this direction, making ambitious plans for the future.

The SBA has a clear vision, thinking far ahead, while being active at this very point in time.

In order to make its vision come true, the SBA works to empower its members, primarily by providing relevant information and knowledge they need in their work.

It should be pointed out that the SBA’s efforts to strengthen the Serbian biogas sector would not be possible without collaboration and support of the relevant ministry, the public enterprises in charge of the energy sector and institutions in charge of environmental protection.


1. Proactive communication between the SBA and its members
as well as keeping them up to date on the latest trends, technologies, conferences and studies they may find useful in their work

2. Further training of its members
in the use of renewables and operation of biogas plants, held in partnership with domestic and international institutions

3. Offering full support to its members
in cooperation with the relevant institutions of the Republic of Serbia

4. Transfer of experience
gained by the companies already operating biogas plants to the new members planning to build the plants

5. Ensuring contacts
necessary for its members’ business operations

6. Advising its members
on the selection of technologies, use of feedstock and selection of a project financing model

Why join the Serbian Biogas Association

The SBA’s support to its members includes the following:

1. Delivery of services within the SBA’s scope of activity

2. Providing relevant information and solving the current problems encountered by members in their contacts with government institutions when implementing new projects or operating the existing biogas plants

3. Offering assistance and information to the members planning to build new plants

4. Offering relevant information on the use of different feedstock in the production process

5. Ensuring access to innovations, the latest information, seminars, conferences, studies and scholarly papers on the latest technologies available on the market

6. Staging training courses and workshops for plant operators and staff

7. Joint contracting to provide the feedstock needed for biogas plants

Activities undertaken by the SBA
in line with the set goals

Organisation of seminars, presentations, study trips, training courses, panel discussions and conferences on biogas production and utilisation

Publication of additional educational and other reference material based on the SBA’s goals and activities

Encouraging scholarly activities and research in the field of biogas production and utilisation

Encouraging responsible environmental behaviour, especially with respect to the utilisation of environmentally friendly energy sources

Securing the human and financial resources needed for efficient action and implementation of the goals

Informing the public about the latest trends in the biogas sector and raising public awareness of the relevance of biogas when it comes to environmental protection

Developing relations with national and international partners