What is Biogas?

The process of origin of biogas

Biogas is a mixture of gas that arises from the decomposition of organic matter in conditions without oxygen (anaerobic conditions). It is a process similar to digestion in a cow’s stomach called anaerobic digestion.
The process of origin of biogas can be divided into several mutually harmonized phases:
⦁ Hydrolysis
⦁ Acidogenesis
⦁ Acetogenesis
⦁ Methanogenesis
Biogas power plants are plants in which biogas is produced efficiently under controlled conditions

Usage biogas

Biogas can be used for:

⦁ Incineration (manufacture heat)
⦁ Production of electric and thermal (cooling energy within the cogeneration plant (CHP)
⦁ For the production of clean methane (enriched biogas)

Note: In the Republic of Serbia, there are still no regulations for producing pure methane from biogas!

Production and usage of  biogas

Generating biogas:
Biogas is generated from liquid and solid animal manure, organic waste, and/or energy crops in a technological procedure that takes place in an airtight closed tank.

Electric and thermal energy:
Biogas is used for producing electric and thermal energy

Biomethane :
Obtained by purification biogas

Post-fermentation mass
As a residue from the fermentation, fertilizer was obtained of high quality.