Capacity training “Biogas Project Steps”

As part of the joint project with our German partners, Fachverband Biogas e.V., the capacity training, “Biogas Project Steps,” was held.
The participants, members of the Serbian biogas Association, had the opportunity to meet biogas expert Mr. Frank Hoffmann from the German Biogas Association and discuss all the steps of building a biogas plant. Participants could find out more about experiences from Germany and share experiences from Serbia with German colleagues. The well-defined steps of developing biogas projects are extremely important, and our goal, as an Association, is to describe them as precisely as possible to facilitate the entire process of implementing future biogas projects. This training, as well as the previous three, in addition to providing us with the latest information and trends from Germany, strengthens the capacity of the Association and its members so that the management and expert team of the Serbian Biogas Association will be able to support future investors in biogas.