New member of the Biogas Serbia Association: Cargochem Ltd. (date: December 23, 2023.)

New member of the Biogas Serbia Association: Cargochem Ltd. (date: December 23, 2023.)

Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you that the Biogas Serbia Association has gained a new member. It is Cargochem Ltd.

Established in 2020, Cargochem is a specialized company in the trade and delivery of chemicals. With offices in Belgrade and Ljubljana, Cargochem Ltd. oversees sales in 16 European countries, delivering over 25,000 tons of chemicals annually for various industrial sectors.

Cargochem Ltd. is customer-oriented, closely following market trends, and has positioned itself in the market through quality and reliability. The company’s business is characterized by high-quality products, along with precise and reliable delivery.

In the field of chemicals offered for environmental protection, Cargochem Ltd. particularly focuses on solutions for biogas plants. Raw biogas produced in anaerobic digestion processes contains several unwanted components such as H2S, CO2, NH3, siloxanes, and VOCs. These gases affect the direct application of biogas and pose a significant concern in biogas utilization processes. Before biogas is used for electricity generation, it is necessary to purify it using specific technologies.

Cargochem Ltd. offers a product range for the chemical treatment of biogas:

– Iron oxide – a potent agent for H2S removal
– Activated carbon – filter media for removing undesirable components
– AUS40 (high-quality urea solution with 40% concentration) – reduction of nitrogen oxides in engine exhaust gases
– Citric acid – gas cleaning and pH regulation
– Nitrification inhibitors as fertilizer additives from biogas plants
– Liquids for engine cooling systems


– Protection of pipelines and engines from corrosion damage
– Reduction of environmental pollution and improvement of workplace safety
– Safe further use of fermentation residues as fertilizers

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