SBA Board meeting held

According to the decision of the Serbian Biogas Association Board, and in accordance with the Statute of the Association, a meeting of the Assembly of the Serbian Biogas Association was held on January 31st , 2020 at 12:00 PM, at the Serbian Biogas Association premises, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 6, Belgrade.

Mr. Saša Vitošević, Board member of the Serbian Biogas Association, was unanimously appointed as the Chairman.

Mr. Vitošević opened the Assembly session and proposed the following


  • Adoption of the Report on the Activities of the Serbian Biogas Association in 2019,
  • Adoption of the Serbian Biogas Association Program of Activities for 2020,
  • Adoption of the Serbian Biogas Association Financial Report for 2020,
  • Dismissal of two Board members and appointment of the new Board members
  • Miscelaneous

The following decisions were adopted by the Assembly:

  • Decision on the approval of the 2019 Serbian Biogas Association Activities Report
  • Decision on the approval of the Serbian Biogas Association 2020 Activities Program
  • Decision on the approval of the 2019 Serbian Biogas Association Financial Report
  • Decision on the dismissal of two Board members

Following the discussion by the attendees, we would like to inform you of the following:

  1. The importance of biogas power plants in energy production is not the only or the most significant biogas contributing factor – the impact of biogas on the environment and on rural development is just as significant, so as an Association we will strive to develop, as we have always done, a more intensive cooperation with all three ministries (Ministry of Mining and Energy, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and Ministry of Environmental Protection).
  2. Due to current environmental issues, this year we will particularly emphasize the environmental aspect of biogas and its importance for the environment. It should be emphasized that biogas power plants make the greatest contribution to environmental protection.
  3. Due to the current issue of the Feed-in tariff, which will be reduced, it is extremely important to focus on the Association’s PR activities and reaching out to the public in order to emphasize the importance of biogas as an Association representing the entire sector. Public support is of utmost importance for us at this time.
  4. The main activity and the most important role of the Association – providing full support and protecting the interests of the members, will be our priority in 2020, however, this year we will strive to improve the quality of our services as much as possible. We will be fully focused on the communication with our members as we have stated that communication has been greatly improved in the previous year and we plan to continue to work on this matter. Consultation with our members is our priority and we will continue to deliver timely and accurate information. In this regard, we ask members to contact us if they have questions or concerns in our area of ​​activity, and to direct any initiative to us, and we will consider and act in the best interest of the sector.
  5. At the request of our members, we plan to intensify the education for both our members and decision makers, employees in the banking sector, ministry employees and potential investors, with the aim of attracting as many new investments in the biogas sector as possible, and facilitating as much as possible loan granting and bank financing.
  6. At the request of our members, we will develop an Investor Guide that will be very detailed and contain all relevant information that the investors need. The experiences of our members whose facilities are already in operation will be of great importance here. The Guide will contain many practical tips and will be tailored to the purpose.
  7. The Association will continue with the same intensity of activities in 2020, striving to provide our members with the highest quality service and to provide the new investors with the best possible climate and attract in the sector as much investment as possible.