Video education from the Serbian Biogas Association

The Serbian Biogas Association, with the support of Fachverband Biogas e.V. developed a video education on the topic of biogas, provided for all interested institutions and individuals who request more information about the biogas sector. The idea of a video education came up due to the changed living and working conditions caused by the pandemic, and since Serbian Biogas Association has been prevented from holding educational events that require the physical presence of an audience. Since one of the fundamental roles of the Serbian Biogas Association is education, questions arose as to how to continue with the mission of educating all those interested in investing, supporting or working within the biogas sector.

The training session is very detailed and lasts 30 minutes, in order to cover all segments of this extensive topic and to provide introduction to all parties interested in biogas, without prior knowledge, in a systematic and well-designed way, and provide all necessary information, supported by experience from plants in Serbia and Germany. The author of the training program is Mr. Goran Knežević, member of the Board of the Serbian Biogas Association.