Member of the Serbian Biogas Association Agro Plus Energy on the Radio-Television of Vojvodina

A member of the Serbian Biogas Association, Agro Plus Energy doo Sombor, from Svetozara Miletić nearby Sombor, hosted the Radio Television of the Vojvodina team on their biogas plant.

Mr. Srđan Miljanić, director of Agro Plus Energy, spoke for the Morning News and Daily News, and on that occasion, Mr. Miljanić explained the process of obtaining electricity, heat, and high-quality fertilizer from biogas, as well as the importance that the plant has in environmental protection.

The biogas plant of the company Agro Plus Energy, which has been operating continuously for three years so far, has a total installed capacity of 1 MW. Agro Plus Energy produces biogas from its cow farm’s waste and agricultural waste (silage and manure). The company Agro Plus Energy has installed solar panels with a capacity of 150 kW on its farm, of which 100 kW is connected to the biogas power plant.

As an example of good practice and a successful project of the Austrian technology company Biogest, the biogas plant Agro Plus Energy was presented at the conference on climate change in Glasgow.