New member of the Biogas Association Serbia: ArTech Engineering Ltd. (date: December 25, 2023.)

New member of the Biogas Association Serbia: ArTech Engineering Ltd. (date: December 25, 2023.)

With pride, we inform our partners and collaborators that the new member of the Biogas Association Serbia is the company ArTech Engineering, specialized in the design, manufacturing, and installation of membrane structures.

ArTech Engineering has been successfully operating for over twenty years, consistently advancing in new technologies and capacities, with a particular focus on facilities for biogas.

As the leading firm in the region and the only one in Serbia engaged in the design, production, and installation of membranes for biogas plants, ArTech offers a comprehensive “turnkey” service for biogas reservoirs in three possible configurations: (roof-top) membranes positioned on the top of fermenters, ground-level tanks (3/4 spheres), or smaller mobile units (gas-bag).

The technology and applied materials meet the highest quality standards and comply with all applicable EU regulations. ArTech Engineering’s past engagements have primarily focused on foreign markets (Germany, Austria, Italy, South Korea, Ukraine, etc.) and also within the region (Slovenia and Croatia). In the last few years, with the development of the biogas sector in Serbia, they have also become active in the domestic market.

Clients of ArTech Engineering particularly appreciate the quality provided by the company, the speed of production and delivery, competitive prices, and especially the ability to respond to emergencies, where ArTech Engineering provides a dedicated team 24/7 for its clients.

In the biogas segment, ArTech Engineering is a company that is more widely recognized abroad due to its years of constant presence in those markets. However, it has rapidly positioned itself as a leader in Serbia. ArTech Engineering enjoys significant trust from both clients and suppliers. Renowned global firms such as Sattler AG, SIOEN, and others highly value the experiences and competence of the experts employed by ArTech Engineering, who serve as consultants on several internationally significant development projects.

ArTech Engineering has developed a highly stable collaboration with scientific institutions both domestically and internationally. Notable among them are the Architectural and Civil Engineering Faculty at the University of Belgrade, GAF Niš, and the International Institute IMS, of which ArTech Engineering is the representative for Serbia. Additionally, the company collaborates with various other economic entities.

ArTech Engineering is particularly committed to the continuous development of science and industry in this field, resulting in its leadership position in the market.