Participation of the company Biogest in the World Climate Conference

Participation in the World Climate Conference in Glasgow was an excellent opportunity for our member, Biogest, to present itself to the world as a company that makes a significant contribution to decarbonization in energy production in Serbia and helps us all create a climate-friendly future. In its decades of work, this company has proven to be one of the leaders in the field of green technologies.

Biogest, which has also been operating in Serbia since 2013, provides complete services for biogas and biomethane plants and offers clients a full range of services, starting from project planning and development to construction and commissioning.

In Glasgow, Biogest presented an example of good practice, the biogas plant Agro Plus Energy from Vojvodina, which has been operating for three years and uses Biogest technology. Agro Plus Energy is also a member of the Serbia Biogas Association.