The Association has signed a contract with the German Biogas Association – Fachverband Biogas e.V.

The Association has signed a contract with the German Biogas Association – Fachverband Biogas e.V.

In June of this year, to its great satisfaction, the Biogas Association signed a partnership agreement with Fachverband Biogas e.V. (“German Biogas Association”).

Mr Dragan Zukić was appointed as Project Manager and Ms Lidija Carević as Project Coordinator.

The main motives of the contract and the goals of our cooperation are the transfer of knowledge and experience from Germany, as well as the development of joint projects that will further strengthen the Biogas Association and allow us to further develop and improve the services we provide to our members.

The German Biogas Association will provide us with adequate education and training to enable the transfer of knowledge, and the experience of the German Biogas Association will be of great help to us in developing the biogas sector in Serbia.

The benefits for our members are multiple. In addition to the existing efforts, contacts, as well as intensive cooperation with the relevant ministry and competent institutions, we will have at our disposal the knowledge and experience of a reputed association such as GBA, and therefore our services will be improved.

In the coming months, as part of the plan, and with the support of the GBA, we will work on the complete visual identity of the Association and on enhancing the visibility of the Biogas Association both in Serbia and in the international biogas sector. We are also planning to redesign and translate the site into German (besides Serbian and English), we will design a brochure of the Biogas Association and print brochures provided by the German Biogas Association. This applies to the following documents: “Biowaste Into Biogas”, “Biogas Into Biomethane” and “Digestate as Fertilizer”, which will be available to all our members.

Ms Antje Kramer and Ms Gudrun Kramer from the GBA visited us on this occasion at our Belgrade office, and then visited facilities in Alibunar, Čurug and Botoš. (Pictures)

As our members, you will be informed and invited to the aforementioned training and educational sessions as early as the middle of this month.